Dinner Party
Dinner Party
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Why Connectedness is Key to Living a Full Life.

Shawn Bolz

I’m excited to introduce you to another friend, Shawn Bolz, this week. Shawn is acclaimed for his accuracy in his prophetic gift and also crucially, for his humility and honesty of lifestyle. Today on the blog, he’s sharing about how presence is critical to creating a meaningful & fulfilling life.…


God is Not Dealing with Your Sin.

Graham Cooke

God is not “dealing with” our sin. He is establishing our righteousness. He gave Jesus both as Savior, to bring closure to the old nature, and as Redeemer, to turn a sin habit into righteous behavior. Then he gave the Holy Spirit to empower us in the process of being…


What is Empowering Your Choices?

Wm. Paul Young

One thing I’m most looking forward to in this next season of our growing community is inviting friends to share some of their brilliant perspectives with us. Today, I’ve asked Paul Young, author of the Shack, to do just that. Paul is one of the most Jesus loving, integrous &…


When it comes to personal transformation and the prophetic, it’s easy to love God’s promises, but not the process attached. It…


How to Trust God.

Graham Cooke

If we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, then we must trust Him in the same…