Buried Treasure

I live in the midst of an exciting treasure hunt.  It involves following thin threads and hidden clues left by Someone who adores partnering with me in the exploration.  There are hints left in plain sight (sometimes the most difficult to recognize) and others that require strategic, intentional unraveling. 


Every once in a while, there is a map to follow, but that is rare these days.  Usually, the trek involves a reliable compass and a general sense of which direction to start walking in. 


It is the delightful adventure of discovering my true Kingdom Identity. Graham initiated the journey for me several years ago with his teaching on "Identity and Inheritance".  He's continued to fuel it with "Maintaining Your Inner Compass" and "Living in Your Truest Identity".  I've come to love the treasure hunt to discover who God says I am.


Clues to my identity have been buried in movies and in heroes from history.  I've found them tucked inside Inheritance Words from scripture that keep unfolding layer after layer.  Once, a nugget was written on a gold rush tombstone and another was hidden on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.


They were all statements or images that grabbed my attention and my Helper excitedly called out: "Dig here! There's something more to discover about who I created you to be." So I stopped and began to plow up the ground with questions, ponderings and wonderings.  I wrote down the clues, dug out old journals and began a grand conversation with the One who knows where all the wealth is buried.


The treasure of who I really am has often been woven into the hearts of my friends, who  frequently have a more divine perspective on my life that I do. No one should ever go exploring for their identity by themselves.  What fun is any adventure without others to share it with? And to know there are people who will form a search party, if you get lost along the way?  Priceless.


There have been loads of false leads.  Cold trails left by old experiences that weren't pleasant or from people who made declarations that weren't the truth.  They might have been true of my behavior at the time, but they weren't the truth about who I really was.  Those are tricky to detect because there seems to be a lot of confirming evidence in the landscape.  That's when it pays to have that compass solidly set to True North.


It is a joyful adventure that feels like it's still just beginning.... which is good. 

I like the hunt. 

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~ Allison


I'm glad to hear someone else is having the same experience as I am, being led by the adventurous and revelatory Holy Spirit. It can be hard to focus sometimes when I am tired, but He speaks EVERY SINGLE TIME that I say, "Here I am, Lord. Speak, for Your child is listening. Move, for Your bride is watching. Decree, for Your servant is attentive. Dwell, for Your friend is here."It isn't about saying the words, but about focusing my whole being so that those words become true. -Thanks for the testimony!-RusselJ 

I don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about but I'd like to. Could you explain more without using this hunting symbolism?

I'd love to!  It will be helpful to listen to the teachings by Graham listed in the blog.  "Living in Your Truest Identity" is the most recent and probably the most comprehensive.  In short, God created each of us with a unique persona and that is how we are known by Hiim in heaven = our true identity.  However, we may not always see ourselves the way God does because of life experiences we've had.  Our starting point is to discover who God really is first.  And from seeing Him more the way He really is, we begin to see ourselves as He does.  The journey of discovering our identity is the "treasure hunt": the process of finding out who He made us to be.  I see myself more clearly through the scriptures He highlights, in encounters with Him and in experiences like I've described that He interacts with.  After listening to some of Graham's teaching on the subject, enjoy your own exploration!! ~ Allison

Love this.  Needed this.  Thank you for sharing.

Life is a treasure hunt!  A wide open space with nooks and crannies to explore! You inspired me to the hunt!



Wonderful post Allison! We can find out so much about who we really are by the people and things around us. God is always talking, gotta remember to look and listen more. Thanks for this!

I'm just beginning to get a taste of what you're describing! And truly looking forward to waking up to each new day as a "treasure hunt" with Holy Spirit, Jesus and Abba Father! Thanks for sharing your journey once again, Allison.