What is Overture?

In its Kingdom context Overture is a certain sound that heralds a call to gather for a specific purpose. Its aim is to create an opportunity to explore something different. Overture is a dialogue, an auspicious occasion leading to an advantage.

It is for the purpose of upgrading our company dynamic, whether we are in Business, an NGO, Church or an Organization. There are times when we need to reinvent who we are and find fresh favor and focus. When our purpose is indistinct we can become stale and lacking in vitality. Decline sets in when we stand still.

Overture is more than an antidote; it’s an upgrade and an increase that allows us to redefine ourselves at a higher level. 


At a higher level Overture draws on more than thirty years of apostolic and prophetic experience in building companies of people to have a more profound identity in the Kingdom. There is a transitional road we must travel that involves a closure on past mindsets and behaviors. This inevitably leads us through a conversion encounter that upgrades our identity and capability into a redefining experience at leadership level.

When faith and favor combine in us, we are newly commissioned to express our authority in a more powerful expression of life, creativity and passion. Every breakthrough involves a breaking out of old patterns and a breaking in to new mindsets, and empowered, upgraded practices. There can be no lasting breakthrough without consistent follow through.


Overture is a present/future dialogue that will empower any company of people to recover Kingdom vitality in the purposes of God. In the context of Church development, Overture is not engaged with retro fitting an institutional expression of Christianity in order to obtain a more pleasing set of results. Rather, it seeks to work with leaders who are becoming fascinated with the reality of living from Heaven to Earth, and who desire to cultivate Christ likeness rather than churchianity.

One of its primary goals is to re-engage with the missional lifestyle of the early church in all its passionate expectation of the Holy Spirit.



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