About Brilliant Book House

Brilliant Book House is Graham's publishing company based out of Vancouver, WA.

Founded by Graham in 2007, Brilliant Book House has a dedicated team known for their excellent customer service and friendly interaction with conference delegates.

We have a devoted fan base of people who are part of our family. We are committed to producing quality resources that empower people to become bigger, better and stronger. We want people to experience fullness not measure. Our books, CD’s, DVD’s and digital products are full of content, not packaging. We believe in truth that is exceptional not ordinary. Revelation, pure and simple.

Whenever you connect with a team member of Brilliant Book House you will be talking to someone interested in your story and journey. They will point you to the resource that will best fit where you want to go in the Spirit.


To learn more about Brilliant Book House and to order Graham’s books, e-books, DVDs, CDs, and mp3s please visit them at www.brilliantbookhouse.com.

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